Our Company Mission

We are a networking company whose main asset are the talents, the technical knowledge and the industrial experience in the electrical, electronic and mechanical fields.

We integrate first-class skills to design and produce cars, motorcycles and racing karts that are equipped exclusively with the latest generation electric motors.

We want that the unique value of the Italian racing excellence, to which we belong, keeps growing and develops into the challenges of the XXI century mobility.

Our Goals

To become one of the leading companies in the new Electric technology for both Cars and Motorbikes for racing and road use

To integrate know how, technologies and competences, coming from several areas of Research from all over the World, in order to offer our Clients a range of products continuously updated with excellent performances and quality

To renew the winning Italian culture in motorsport that inspires our business attitude

To create value for our shareholders, customers and suppliers

To grow according to clean and transparent Governance rules is in coherence with the 3rd Millenium vehicles we want to offer to the market.