Officina 3d presents “Smallie”

Smallie is a three-dimensional faithful reproduction of a living being: man, woman, child or pet.

It works like this: the subject is positioned within our photographic set which then takes 112 shots instantly, then the data is transmitted to a software where the rough copy, generated from the set, is touched up with pen and graphics tablet paying the utmost attention the physiognomy and the folds of the clothes worn.

Facial features, eyes and hairline are the most difficult to reproduce. Finally, a 3D printer builds the color Smallie with amazing accuracy. The result is a three-dimensional portrait which is identical to the person’s face.
The inspiration for this project came a couple of years ago when we were sitting at a table in a pizzeria. Both of us were looking for a way to redeem ourselves, as we were coming out of a hard working period. One day perusing Wired magazine, we read an article about a new craze in Berlin: there was a company, the Twinkind, who did this kind of thing and people were going crazy about it, there was a 6 month waiting list to get a statuette, so without even thinking about it we decided to try it ourselves. Finding the right technology was not easy, after much research and travel, we were able to find this technology in Germany. We had to study the operation of the necessary software on the internet and in English, because here in Italy there was no knowledge about it.

Our business could have started much earlier if we had stuck to a simple scanner but that does not guarantee the same definition of the photogrammetric system we adopt. It is true, that this has complicated things a lot, but in the end, with all the effort we have achieved what we wanted.

“Smallie” Applications are manifold, born as a memento to capture the most important moments of your life, but not only, our clients range from the collector of action figures as well as athletes who want their photo taken with the uniform of their team, weddings, anniversaries of all kinds, fashion shoots, and other possible developments are endless.

There is no limit to the possibilities!

We can also place our camera system in a sporting event so as to capture the fan with their idol, or at a concert to capture the fans with their favorite singer.

Smallie … the evolution of photography!