The MIRACLE AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION lives, breathes and operates within an envelope of integrity and good intentions that are fuelled by the following Goals and Objectives. The first objective is that we do everything possible to promote actions and programs designed to foster a better quality of life for Africa’s most vulnerable people. Statement of Principles: The FOUNDATION will provide and increase critical and basic healthcare in Africa – and promote social and economic development. The FOUNDATION will target its full energy on programs that focus on combating malaria – an insect-borne disease that claims the lives of more than ONE MILLION African children each year.

The FOUNDATION will support progressive educational programs and beneficial sports activities for African children. The FOUNDATION strongly promotes Environmental Protection Programs that focus on the proper use and maintenance of Africa’s Natural Resources.
The FOUNDATION promotes and protects Cultural Diversity in Africa and creates programs that support Handicapped Adults and Children. The FOUNDATION supports programs dedicated to uplifting African women, especially via education and microcredit programs.

The FOUNDATION is especially passionate about and focused on creating and supporting programs designed to protect African women and children from the effects of crime, domestic and ethnic violence and the ravages of war. The MIRACLE AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION is also optimistic in its promotion of a campaign designed to someday see an African Nation chosen to serve as host country for the International Olympic Games!

We believe that we will achieve these goals by continuing to create and support projects and programs that promote principles of sustainable development, economic stability, good governance – and peace across the African continent. The FOUNDATION salutes and extends recognition to global stakeholders like the Diaspora African Forum, the Global Champions Tour– and other world-class organizations who support programs designed to give back to Africa.
The MIRACLE AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION believes that our greatest successes are still ahead of us, and that with the healing winds of your support – and best wishes in our sails, we will make miracles happen in Africa.