Logo Esclusivo is a trademark of Essenza Grafica, a company which was founded in 2007. The three founders, Francesco, Aurelio and Carolina, having gained twenty years of experience in the fields of graphics, 3D graphics and architecture had the insight to create a synergy and pool their skills to form what today is a well-established company.


Every company needs their own identity to set them aside from others and be effective in terms of communication. For these reasons we started a collaboration with GDR with a careful analysis and planning of every step of the project. GDR chose Logo Exclusive for the characteristics that distinguish the multifaceted personality within the study: architects, graphic and 3D graphic designer.


For the GDR Studio we looked after:

• Modelling, texturing, landscape and 3d animation of Heroes Hill Stadium

• Corporate Identity of the printed and digital materials of the entire project Fusion Project

• Web sites (Project Fusion, F Group International, GDR Studio, Heroes, KingdoMakers Miracle and Africa);

• The logos (Fusion Project, Village, F Group International, GDR Studio, Heroes Hill, and Heroes KingdoMakers )