The curiosity for research and the joy of discovery.

Hi everyone! We know what you’re probably wondering:

Who are these guys?

Well, within a few lines you will be given some answers, hopefully set out in a professional, concise and comprehensive manner. However, grant us a moment, just as long as is needed to make a presentation without following the strict rules of international business so that we may present our case in the way we know best.

We are a group of Italians but that’s not all, we are “beginners” but we’re not inexperienced, we are curious but not nosey, we are optimistic but not unrealisitic, we are dreamers but we are also rational, attentive to an ever evolving reality and always eager to trust our instincts and our ideas. Our motto is

“ The right idea can come from anywhere, at anytime! “

We believe that good ideas have the strength to make their own way, without unnecessary worries or complicated rituals.

We hope to never become arrogant or pretentious or boring;

we love intelligent ideas, we admire intelligent people.

Happy surfing…

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GDR Studio International Consulting & Associates offers services and consultancy of the highest caliber and skill to our International clients. We are proud to work side by side with some of the most important and longstanding inter-market export companies and Import Consortium associates.

The experience we have gained in the areas of industrial and commercial planning has prepared us for any area of economics and planning needed and allowed us to grow and improve on quality for our customers constantly, offering them a full package of services.

Engineering and architectural sector

Civil and industrial engineering and architecture, preliminary research, planning, design, project management, implementation of structures for civil and industrial areas, the possibility of managing special categories (restoration and recovery) for public procurement.

Real estate, Prestige property, restoration and renovation of historical residences and Italian villas

REAL ESTATE SERVICES for prestigious historical residences, villas, castles, monuments,: planning, design, relations with public admin, research for financial contributions, project management, execution, asset restructuring, recovery and restoration of structures and buildings of historical and monumental value.

Cultural area, museums and organizations, special events, special exhibits

CULTURAL SERVICES: organization and planning of museum events and specially themed exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

Industrial area, Research and Development

Research and development opportunities, production unit locations, in the industrial districts of foreign countries.

Market research for industrial and commercial products

Consulting Services for import and export for companies who wish to enter an international market and market research for industrial and commercial products.

Our Projects



After the umpteenth meeting held on a beautiful summer’s morning we made our decision and we finally stopped putting things off. We looked hard at our desk which, even though larger than most was now almost entirely covered in photos, plans and sketches of stadiums in all shapes, forms, sizes and states of completion from all around the world. The strewn array of paper was resembling more an Everest to conquer than an aid to our endeavours.

Though something was staring us in the face:

Although the creative streak of prestigious architects from around the globe had yielded numerous examples of aesthetic refinery from which we could pilfer we were left only with two possibilities:

Cardboard, Box or Doughnut???

That’s it basically, though tens of variants exist they all fall into either one category or the other.

“So, what should we do?” was promptly asked. Should we follow the noble and steady trampled path skipping through the footprints left by giants of architecture or go it alone foolish and brave, challenging the most classical of conventions with an idea which could well be dangerously perhaps even subversive!

It was at this precise point that we took our decision and turned our boat to one fixed direction with no hope of return. We were prepared to be judged. Perhaps we are too daring, overzealous or biting off more than we can chew, even a little naive maybe but we’re sure of one thing. The following will take you by surprise

Our adventure thus began and what you are about to see is the result of all our endeavours. Do not despair if you are unhinged by what you are about to see, it’s what happens when something completely new hits you out of the blue, so to speak. You’ll excuse our boasting but we have no doubt at all.

Heroes Hill fears no equals for its innovation and originality.

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The project will be called “HEROES PROJECT”.
The name is just to signify the fusion of multiple innovative elements that you will discover in the course of the presentation.
Indeed, the synergies between professional sports, entertainment, sports academy, charity programs and environmental awareness unite the idea of our green village as a whole entity and promote the optimal conditions for a sharing of values between very different worlds.



Entering the Village Green means being projected into a compelling and engaging experience, where great attention to the training of the individual and harmonic, technological innovation happily coexist, and where sports people of all ages can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sports facilities and support structures.
Every avenue, every building, every flowerbed of the Village represents the perfect balance between man and nature, human potential and dreams, between individual affirmation and the sense of belonging, between technological progress and environmental awareness.
The ample space of the various Sports Academies for young people and their growth characterizes the spirit of the whole project and it permeates its creation from the beginning.



The spirit of the project is the attention that will be paid to the harmonious development of mind and body and ethical values in sports, not just for the athletes of today and tomorrow, but also for those who love sports with a passion.
The design of facilities for people with their characteristics of beauty, elegance and functionality is a very ambitious mission, but it is the chief objective. The merger of these elements, therefore, has generated the entire architectural project.


The Store we imagine requires significant participation of the consumer who will live the experience of creating, in a few minutes, a piece of clothing (t-shirt, sweatshirt, scarf, hat, jacket, etc.), or any other merchandise personalized for them.
The customer will then become designer and creator, so will want to buy the garment.

The interior space of the Store will be large and bright with big screens and touch-pads for interactive designers.
It will be an encouraging lively atmosphere and a laboratory of exchange with the free flow of ideas, a kind of virtual atelier (artist’s studio).


The waiting period envisaged for completion of the finished product is from 15 to 30 minutes and will be pleasantly spent in the corner of the Store, first of all the Italian Eat corner, where the typical food and wine of that beautiful country will enhance the climate of pleasant meetings and slow motion time in the Store.

More space will be dedicated to the Virtual Sport corner, where console games will be available to fans for tournaments and occasional performances in an atmosphere of futuristic interactivity!

Our Creations